Prost Y'all!


Friends Jesse and Sudie purchased a brick in spring of 2021 for the new Marktplatz at Wurstfest, and mentioned their favorite German band. What an ausgezeichnet compliment!

I don't know if you remember Emma Rose and myself from Oktoberfest in Helen, GA but you DEFINITELY made a huge, lasting impression on Emma Rose! So much so that she has begged to go back to Helen, GA every week since we left.😄 I wanted to thank you for making her feel included "in the band" and being so sweet.”

— Samantha B

Clients, guests, and friends had these wonderful things to say about Das Ist Lustig;

“When we hired you, we had no idea you had so much stuff!  You did so much more than we ever expected!”  Jim B at Eagle's Trace, fall 2023

"I have to confess, when my niece Jeanie told me she hired a polka band, I thought, well, that's going to be boring, but you guys were great! You aren't boring at all!"  Oma Gislinda's daughter at Oma Gislinda's 85th birthday celebration, Friendswood, TX, fall 2021

David Boldt wrote this song about the band:  Das ist Lustig the song  2020

Frank Billowitz had this to say about the band:  Jingle Bells with a twist  2020

"It was indeed a great show and yes I was so happy and proud of Ross!  He and Valina were absolutely wonderful. Loved their show."  Joan S, Ross' Professor of Accordion at UMKC, fall 2019

"Das Ist Lustig is fun! I love listening to (and watching) the different instruments they play, and Valina's energy is infectious! They are true entertainers- can't wait to see them again!"  Valerie W, Houston, summer 2019

"Your performance just makes people happy!  I love how you make the audience feel the happy music with you"  Guus Steinen, writer of Zumba Aus Tirol, Limburg, The Netherlands, summer 2019

"I was hooked the first time I saw the show. Pure fun and enjoyment. Highly recommend it." Tracy E, spring 2019

"I REALLY enjoy you and your husband performance EVERY time you are here!! We love you (my whole family). Have a great day and I’ll see you hopefully for Wurstfest" Mary B, Tulsa, spring 2019


"Had a wonderful time in Tulsa at the German American Society of Tulsa’s Germanfest. The food was amazing, the beer was decent, the entertainment was was out of this world. We love seeing the brass band, and the folk dancers. Our favorite by far is Das Ist Lustig.  We are always glad to visit, hang out, bang on tables, dance (I got TWO waltzes out of my husband), and generally be in the same room with this team when they perform."   Amanda K, Tulsa, spring 2019


"We've taken a poll, and we've all decided that y'all are our favorite band; You're energetic, authentic, and the customers like y'all too!"  Trilene, waitress at Bavarian Bierhaus, Nashville, spring 2019

"This band is wonderful! So talented and really plays to the crowd. Always a good time."  Karen O, fall 2018


"Das Ist Lustig, I almost cannot remember the last time I had so much fun!  Thank you for the precious memory… You are all so talented!"  Michael C, Galveston, fall 2018

"...we have been fans of you guys for awhile now, we always make sure you are going to be at Rudi Lechner's Restaurant when we come "  Janet B, Houston, fall 2018

"Your voice, sir, is incredible!"  Carl S, Oktoberfest in Tulsa 2017

"I just wanted to let you know how much the Ladies of Lake Houston enjoyed your show. One lady told me it was the best entertainment we’ve had at the meeting lunches in a long time. Both of you were GREAT! Thanks again for fitting us into your very busy Oktoberfest schedule."   Mimi B, Houston 2017

"Stuart and I haven't been this happy as we did last night, for a long time! So, thank you Valina and Ross for your amazing performance last night! You both have mega talents!!!!!! We look forward to seeing you soon!"  Jia W, Brauhaus, Bryan, spring 2017

"...I've heard a lot of accordion players in my life, but you're by far the best!" Buck and Veva, Fredericksburg Oktoberfest 2016

"My favorite part about this trip is the Gemutlichkeit!"  Wade, Lustig Trip to Germany summer 2016

"You guys are the greatest and greatly responsible for having a wonderful time and a full house. The perfect ending for me Saturday, was Ross singing the Lords Prayer. Thank you so much to both of you."  Irmgard, Tulsa Germanfest, May 2016
"Your CD has gotten us through our remodeling job.  We listen to it a lot, and even the workmen enjoy it!"  the Heckathorne family, 2016
"We had to ask, are you from Germany or the US?  We can't tell when you're singing in German!"  Tiller family visiting from Austria, Rudi Lechner's summer 2015 

"Wow, that sounded just like the Houston Symphony Orchestra!" (in reference to Ross' accordion solo Stars And Stripes Forever) compliment from a Rudi's customer, Summer 2015

"You play great quality music, and you really show how much you love it!"  Gottfried, singer for many years with the opera in Berlin, Rudi Lechner's customer, summer 2015

"You're so enthusiastic about this music, you truly love it... most people just act a part, but not you!"  Gerhard M, King's Biergarten customer, summer 2015

"Beer sales triple every time y'all are here!"  Kevin, staff at Murphy's Law Pub and Brauhaus in Bryan, spring 2015

"Just wanted to say y'all did an amazzzing job (like always) this weekend!! We even listened to y'alls CD while getting ready to go up to King's on both Friday and Saturday! So thanks for a good time!"  Ashley, King's Biergarten customer, Oktoberfest Kick off party 2014

"I don't think some of the people here really appreciate y'all.  I lived in Germany, and I know what this music is supposed to sound like.  You guys are the real deal!"  King's Biergarten customer, Pearland, Texas 2014

"Valina and Ross,  Thank you so much for your tireless energy to help make our event so successful. The music is such a big part of the day. We always have guests so impressed by your performance. Thank you also for always promoting our event around on your circuit. We appreciate it so greatly."  John S. St John's Germanfest Deanville, Texas, May 2014

"That's one plane full of happy people!"  Monica of United Airlines after the Inaugural non-stop Houston to Munich party at the departure gate, Houston, Tx 2014

"My heart is grateful and full. Tonight was the best birthday party I have had in many a year (never been the party guy, actually), and Das ist Lustig ( turned the evening from one of normality into TV gold."  Jeff R, Houston, Tx 2014

"We listen to your CD in the office all the time!"  Family reunion in Flatonia, Tx 2014

"I really love you guys Valina and Ross. So glad you've been able to play at King's on the weekends some which is when I go. You bring great joy to my weekend with the love of music we all share. Prost!"  Mark F, King's Biergarten, 2014

"We were seated on a Saturday night with no wait (although the place was packed) and me being the introvert I am, was a splash mortified at being seated so close to the stage. Yes, there's a stage. I had visions of being forced into the chicken dance and sat down a bit sweaty... While waiting on our entrees to arrive, the band (a super cute duo dressed in traditional clothing) came back from their break and began to play.  And shockingly enough, I LOVED IT!  They have so many unique, folk-sy instruments that it was entertaining just seeing what they would pull out and play next.  They were both way friendly (as was our PRECIOUS & sweet server, Greta) and outgoing and next thing you know, our meal was in front of us. I hadn't even paid attention to how long it took because both of us were having such a great time watching them play."   From a Yelp reviewer M.M. , Rudi Lechner's Restaurant, 2014

"This dude freakin' rocks a saw, baby!!!!!"   "This woman from Das Ist Lustig is a hoot."  'El Quequito', Galveston Oktoberfest 2013 

"We had a great time! The entertainment was awesome. Folks were still excited Sunday morning."  Mary, Faith Lutheran Church Oktoberfest, Huntsville, 2013

"My family sure enjoyed the 23rd annual (2013) Choctaw Oktoberfest! Our FAVE was Das Ist Lustig : ))) And, by the way ... My son, Max is your #1 fan..." Robbie, Choctaw,OK, 2013

"I was so excited when I heard they were coming back this year!  And I'm so glad they are still playing it!"  Rose, a Deutsches Haus member; regarding Das Ist Lustig playing the "Pie In The Face Polka" written by her cousin, Henry Mancini.

"Loved you in Muenster, my first time there and first I ever heard of y'all and can't wait to see you again.  Too bad y'all aren't scheduled for the polka fest in Ennis on May 25th." Valerie Lane, Muenster Germanfest, 2013

"This is the best Christmas Ever!" Deena Marie in Bellville, November 2012

"This is the best German folk show I have ever seen!"  German resident at Village at Gleanloch Retirement community  July 2012

"What part of Austria are you from?"  Dutch customer at Murphy's Law Pub and Brauhaus November 2012

"I haven't heard yodeling like that since I was in Berchtesgaden!"  One of the guests at the Muenster Germanfest, April 2012

"Das Ist Lustig ist immer lustig!"  Frau Wagner of the Winedale Singers, April 2012

"Y'all are our favorite band, that's why we come to King's on Thursdays!"  Craig, December 2011

"Your performances are very enthralling, they are so fun and unique. I will no doubt seek out the place you frequent in Houston as we travel to and from Galveston and San Antonio frequently. Keep up the great work."  Farrah S, December 2011

"...but you guys are just too much talent, so much energy.....he's always pretty quiet, but on the way home, Charlie commented on how much he enjoyed the evening....we both had a good time....thanks again, Judy D"  Aug 2011

"I love your voice; your singing is so effervescent!" Mike, regular customer at King's Biergarten, July 2011

"Thank you so much for the amazing party that Karen had. She has called me about 5 times to tell me how much fun she and all of her guests had. She’s pretty high energy! I hope she didn’t wear you out too much! She told me that was the best birthday present she has had in her entire life! Hope you guys had fun also! Thanks again! Caye"  Feb 2011