Music for sippin', suppin' & steppin'


Need some Polka?  Need some Waltz?  Need some Two Step?  Need a smattering of rock & roll?  Want some variety and original works too?  The Overalls of Texas just might be the band for you!  

It's no secret.  The Overalls of Texas are comprised of the same musicians who make up Das ist Lustig.  So, why a different name?  Well, we'll tell you.  The Overalls of Texas play music from all over!  A variety of polkas, waltzes, two steps, and a smattering of upbeat songs for drinking and dancing.  A cross section of styles from Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, and of course, Texan / American!  They're perfectly suited for your favorite watering hole, saloon, church picnic, general store, burger joint, soda fountain, family diner, lakeside deck, winery, family reunion, or dancin' spot.  

Ross plays accordion, Robert plays fiddle and guitar, Valina plays autoharp and percussion, and a drummer can be added for dancing venues.    

With an ever expanding repertoire, The Overalls of Texas are ready to play for you today!

For price and availability, call or e-mail: (area code 713) 598-8317  or valinapolka(at)